I’m Heather, the owner and photographer of Heather Lea Photography, LLC. My photography business evolved in Hudson, WI in April 2012 after years of curiously dabbling in the art and techniques of portrait and landscape photography. Today, I am joyfully serving the vicinity of the Fox Valley with outdoor portrait photography, with my forte in "golden hour" sessions which provide us with the most exquisite lighting.

My heart's desire is to capture organic relationships between children and family. As a mother to 4 children, I cherish time together while bottling those moments and turning them into lifelong memories through photographs-the gift that truly lasts a lifetime. The wilderness is my “portrait studio” because I am forever grateful for its breathtaking canvas, endless opportunities, and bountiful offerings. Creation continues to amaze me every single day! I find myself most at peace when I’m under the sun and sky, and I'm grateful to make it my work space.

When I am not doing photo sessions, I can be found exploring with my family-by foot, bike, kayak, and plane. We enjoy backyard campfires, camping, sandy beaches, mountain views, rivers, woodlands, and wildlife!  The captivating beauty of nature continues to remind me of God's goodness.  With my love and appreciation for creation, it is my hope that someday I will be blessed with the opportunity to explore beyond our country with my camera, to see what else awaits to be discovered, treasured, and photographed. 

Blessings Friends,

Thank you for visiting!

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